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Why You Should Use Videos for Content Marketing?

10 October 2017

The cornerstone of any online marketing strategy is the content. As it always been a critical aspect of conversion, outreach and ranking, which of course eventually lead a lot of people to produce tons and tons of content.

When something like that happens, we end up with websites full of titles of click bait, over optimized websites and some shallow discussions. It’s that kind of content we try to inoculate our visitors against here. We trying to train them to skim over that kind of content and not to pay much attention to it.

Beside that being said, the search engines reward longer and in depth content, the user don’t want to use time to delve into something long.

And here is the answer for that, VIDEO!

Nowadays Video is very quickly becoming essential part of content marketing because if its consumable more than any long post. Beside that it offers some other benefits for marketing campaign that we will discuss later.


What that Video can do while text can’t?

Well of course the first thing that a video can do while the rest forms of content can’t is to put a face on your message or text.

And by that content marketers can start to build trust. That based on the fact the we are more willing to listen to someone and consider their message when we are able to see who it is that is speaking to me or us.

Its one thing to tell the customers and visitors how is something works but it’s entirely different when you show them what are the benefits of doing so. When you are able to show how beneficial can a product or service be, you will start to see more engagement.

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How SEO Benefits from Video Marketing?

There is no doubt that video became one of the most important type of content for user engagement. and when it is used correctly, it can offer number of benefits to SEO.

You can earn some good and solid backlinks by employing the video you create on your website. Especially when you offer fun and engaging answer to an question, people will link to it naturally.

Video also has the ability to encourages people to spend more time on the website. And time on site is one of the element that impacts rankings, but we can’t say how much. But for sure we know that the longer people stay on your website, the more likely to see better rankings. So Video is a great way to encourage people to spend more time on your website.

You can also include links from your videos on Youtube to any product or service page that belong to your website. It’s true that these links may don’t carry enough ranking juice, but it’s better to see more people visiting your website. And as more people visit your website, the chances of them to engage with the content increases. Which indirectly impact SEO.

And more importantly, that if these people watched your videos and then visited your website, that’s mean that they are interested in your services and products.

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Learn to Increase Conversions With VIDEO

You can’t create any video without purpose and expect it to do great things for you. If you want to increase conversion with videos, you should consider the following types of Videos:

Demonstration Videos: people sometime needs to see your services or products in action that help them to understand how to it benefits them.

Customer Testimonials: It helps if you are able to get real people on video talking about their experience with your product, that can help building trust.

Explainer video: If there are any difficult concepts in your industry? Simple video can help educate the customers about it.

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How to Use Video with Social Media:

when we talk about video marketing the first thing to come on your mind is Youtube video, while this is expected, it may be time so start thinking outside the box. Facebook video is becoming trend now. Moreover, currently it serving nearly 4 billion video streams every day.

Just like any other search engine. There will be a lot of competition and it can be real challenge as there are many people fighting for the top spot. Hosting your videos in Facebook naively and here come the benefits of that.

We know that people who view a video on Facebook probably aren’t looking for specific video and watch it for few minutes. they are watching it because of course they are in mood to some kind of content. When people see a video on Facebook it’s duo to the fact that it showed up in their news-feed.

Right now, the news-feed algorithm of Facebook is placing a lot of weight on videos, so you are likely to see get more reach with video rather than another link and quick update. That means you have to share your video naively on Facebook as if you are just linking to video outside it, it will get the same treatment as any other shared links.

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